Mount Paiko

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Mount Paiko
A view of Mount Paiko.
Highest point
Elevation1,650 m (5,410 ft) [1]
Coordinates40°57′11.51″N 22°20′8.98″E / 40.9531972°N 22.3358278°E / 40.9531972; 22.3358278Coordinates: 40°57′11.51″N 22°20′8.98″E / 40.9531972°N 22.3358278°E / 40.9531972; 22.3358278[2]
Mount Paiko is located in Greece
Mount Paiko
Mount Paiko
Location of Mount Paiko
Parent rangeCentral Macedonia

Mountain Paiko or Pajak in Bulgarian and Macedonian is a small mountain range (surface area:399 km2[3]) that lies on the border of Pella and Kilkis regional units in Central Macedonia, Greece.[4][5]


Morphologically, Paiko is a curvy extension to the NE of the adjacent Voras mountain range. Together they surround the plain of Aridea. East and south of Paiko are the plains of the Vardar (Axios) river and the plains of Giannitsa respectively.

The highest peaks are Skra (1097 m), Tsouma (1219 m), Vertopia (1490 m), Pirgos (1494 m), Kadasti (1607 m) and Ghola Tsouka (1650 m). Pirgos, Vertopia and Kadasti surround a large plateau (formerly native grassland) at altitude around 1200 m. Most areas of the plateau are residential or cultivated.[5][6]


Paiko is composed of igneous and sedimentary rocks, mainly carbonatite and ophiolite. Sedimentary rocks are found mostly in NE areas.[6][7]


Skra lake and waterfalls.
Platanus forest

Paiko is rich in surface as well as underground bodies of water, often potable. Springs exist at the foothills and small wetlands can be found at high altitudes, connected by several streams. Two waterfalls and a lagoon of blue-green waters are located near the Skra peak.[6][5][8]

East of the mountain is a small artificial lake (Lake Metalleiou) 35 m deep and of circumference around 4 km.[9]



The vegetation of Paiko is considered lush.[5] Genera of large trees include:[5][10][11][12]

Smaller plants and fungi include:[5]


Except mammals (deers, rabbits) and vultures, notable animals include:[6]

At Metalleiou lake humans have introduced trout. Fishing is allowed under controlled conditions.[8]

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