Mount Pandim

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Mount Pandim
Mount Pandim.jpg
West face of Mount Pandim, viewed from Prek Chu valley
Highest point
Elevation6,691 m (21,952 ft) [1]
Prominence1,762 m (5,781 ft) [2]
Coordinates27°34′39″N 88°12′57″E / 27.57750°N 88.21583°E / 27.57750; 88.21583Coordinates: 27°34′39″N 88°12′57″E / 27.57750°N 88.21583°E / 27.57750; 88.21583[2]
Mount Pandim is located in India
Mount Pandim
Mount Pandim
LocationSikkim, India
Parent rangeHimalayas

Mount Pandim is a Himalayan mountain located in Sikkim, India. It has an elevation of 6,691 m (21,952 ft) above sea level.

Mt. Pandim appears throughout the trekking trail for Goecha La starting from Dzongri. It is one of the prominently seen mountains from Dzongri top and gets closer to the trekking trail as we move towards Goecha La.

Mt. Pandiim as seem from Lamune Camp Site

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