Mt. Pleasant High School (San Jose, California)

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Mount Pleasant High School
1750 South White Road
San Jose, California 95127
United States
Coordinates 37°20′46″N 121°48′30″W / 37.3462°N 121.8082°W / 37.3462; -121.8082Coordinates: 37°20′46″N 121°48′30″W / 37.3462°N 121.8082°W / 37.3462; -121.8082
Type Public
Opened 1964[1]
School district East Side Union High School District
Principal Martha Guerrero
Grades 9-12
Number of students 1798[2]
Color(s) Red and Black          [2]
Athletics conference CIF Central Coast Section Blossom Valley Athletic League
Mascot Cardinal

Mt. Pleasant High School is a public high school located in San Jose, California. It is a part of the East Side Union High School District

Steve Poizner[edit]

After selling his high-tech businesses, Steve Poizner worked at the school as a volunteer teacher, writing about it in Mount Pleasant: My Journey from Creating a Billion-Dollar Company to Teaching at a Struggling Public High School, a book released in April 2010. Poizner invoked hyperbole while describing the school, including exaggerating crime and graduation rates at the school and in the neighborhood.[3] Ira Glass and This American Life exposed the differences between Poizner's account and the true story of the school, with Glass calling the story "obviously and provably untrue."[4][5][6] Mt. Pleasant's high school principal, Teresa Marquez, cancelled Poizner's visit to the school, then Marquez and students protested the book at a book signing.[7][8] The book reached the fifth position of the New York Times bestseller list, but that was possibly through altering of the sales data by ResultSource, a book marketing company.[4][9]

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