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Mount Pleasant School hall

Mount Pleasant School or Joshua Nkomo High School is located in the suburb of Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe. The official name[1] is for the late veteran nationalist, president of Zimbabwe African People's Union and vice-president of Zimbabwe, Dr. Joshua Nkomo.

The school motto is "a man of understanding walks upright", from Proverbs 15.21. The school emblem is the impala, hence the designation Old Impalian for old boys and old girls.

Mount Pleasant School was ranked 58th out of the top 100 best high schools in Africa by Africa Almanac in 2003, based upon quality of education, student engagement, strength and activities of alumni, school profile, internet and news visibility.[2]

Old Impalians[edit]


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Coordinates: 17°46′48″S 31°02′43″E / 17.7800°S 31.0453°E / -17.7800; 31.0453