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Polblue Mountain & Swamp.jpg
Polblue and Polblue Swamp
Elevation 1,575 m (5,167 ft)
Location Barrington Tops National Park, New South Wales, Australia
Range Mount Royal Range
Coordinates 31°58′S 151°27′E / 31.967°S 151.450°E / -31.967; 151.450Coordinates: 31°58′S 151°27′E / 31.967°S 151.450°E / -31.967; 151.450[1]
Age of rock Eocene

Polblue is a hill on the Barrington Tops plateau, located in the Gloucester Shire within New South Wales, Australia.

At 1,575 metres (5,167 ft) above sea level, Polblue is the second highest point in the area after Brumlow Top. The surrounding area is covered by sub alpine snow gum woodland and high altitude swamps. Nearby is a popular camping ground and bushwalking trails contained with the Barrington Tops National Park.[2]

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