Mount Priestley (British Columbia)

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Mount Priestley
Mount Priestley is located in British Columbia
Mount Priestley
Mount Priestley
British Columbia, Canada
Highest point
Elevation 2,359 m (7,740 ft) [1]
Prominence 1,938 m (6,358 ft) [1]
Coordinates 55°13′46″N 128°52′20″W / 55.22944°N 128.87222°W / 55.22944; -128.87222Coordinates: 55°13′46″N 128°52′20″W / 55.22944°N 128.87222°W / 55.22944; -128.87222[1]
Location British Columbia, Canada
Parent range Coast Mountains
Topo map NTS 103/P02

Mount Priestley is a mountain in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. Mount Priestly has an elevation 2,359 metres (7,740 ft) and prominence measure of 1,938 metres (6,358 ft) making it one of Canada's many ultra prominent peaks.

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