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Mount Pueh (Malay: Gunung Pueh), also known as Mount Pueh-Berumput, Mount Poi and Mount Poe, is a mountain located near Lundu, Sarawak on the Malaysia-Indonesia border.[1] Mount Pueh was known to biologists for the collections made there by Eric Mjöberg (1882–1938), a Swedish naturalist, who was Curator of the Sarawak Museum between 1922–1924.[2] Mjöberg's herpetological collections from Gunung Pueh between October to December 1923, and other localities in Borneo, were reported by Smith (1925). Mjöberg, unfortunately, left little by way of written records, of his ascent of Pueh and the collections he made.

In 2002, an exploration was organised to find out about the area. During a scientific expedition to the summit of Mount Berumput on 6–14 May 2002, 26 species of birds, four species of bats and one species of rat were observed. The only montane endemic recorded in this expedition is the Grey Fruit bat, Aethalpos alecto. Based on their tracks and other signs, wild pigs (Sus barbatus) were common near the summit. Three Arcuate Horseshoe bats (Rhinolopus arcuatus), previously recorded only from Bungoh cave near Bau in Sarawak.

In 2012, dragonfly species on the mountain were surveyed. A collection was made of 67 species of dragonfly. This included Libellago stigmatizans and Copera ciliata which had not been previously recorded in the area.[3]


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Coordinates: 1°48′N 109°41′E / 1.800°N 109.683°E / 1.800; 109.683