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Cafcuh or Kafkuh (Persian قاف‌کوه qaafkuh or کوه قاف kuh-e qaaf; Arabic: جبل قاف‎‎ jabal qaf) is a mythological mountain in Iranian tradition. Historically Iranian power never extended over all of the Northern Caucasus and ancient lore shrouded these high mountains in mystery.[1] It was:

Arab tradition[edit]

Mount Qaf (Jabal Qaf or Djebel Qaf) is a mysterious mountain of ancient Muslim tradition renowned as the "farthest point of the earth". Owing to its remoteness, the North Pole is sometimes identified with this mountain.[2][3]

According to certain authors, the Jabal Qaf of Muslim cosmology is a version of Rupes Nigra, a mountain whose ascent, like Dante's climbing of the Mountain of Purgatory, represents the pilgrim's progress through spiritual states.[4]


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