Mount Rose (New Jersey)

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Mount Rose is a narrow section of the Rocky Hill Ridge[1] in Hopewell Township, New Jersey which is 420 feet above sea level. The ridge's western end is at The Sourlands at Hopewell-Pennington Road and its eastern end is near Province Line Road. The ridge is a diabase intrusion and unlike many of the ridges in the state,[2] it runs from northwest to southeast. Crusher Road travels along the ridge. Pennington-Rocky Hill Road, Cherry Valley Road, Hopewell-Princeton Road and Carter Road meet at a low point along the ridge at the village of Mount Rose.

Hiking trails[edit]

  • The Elks Trail- 1 mile trail of Crusher Road[3]
  • The Mount Rose Trails- This preserve has five trail options: The Ridge Trail, Forest Loop, East Loop, West Loop and Cattail Trail[4]


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Coordinates: 40°21′38″N 74°44′51″W / 40.360541°N 74.747543°W / 40.360541; -74.747543