Mount Rowe

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Mt. Rowe
Mount Rowe as seen from the Gunstock Mountain Resort parking lot
Highest point
Elevation1,680 ft (510 m)
Coordinates43°32′43″N 71°22′41″W / 43.54528°N 71.37806°W / 43.54528; -71.37806Coordinates: 43°32′43″N 71°22′41″W / 43.54528°N 71.37806°W / 43.54528; -71.37806
LocationTown of Gilford, Belknap County,
New Hampshire
Parent rangeBelknap Mountains
Topo mapUSGS Laconia, NH

Mount Rowe, elevation 1,680 feet (510 m), is a mountain located north of Gunstock Mountain in the Belknap Range, Belknap County, New Hampshire, United States. It has been home to multiple alpine ski operations, including the original Gunstock Mountain Resort single chairlift (now removed), the Belknap Ski Jumps, and the defunct Alpine Ridge/Mt. Rowe ski area.

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