Mount Saint Catherine (Grenada)

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Mount Saint Catherine
Mount Saint Catherine.jpg
Mount Saint Catherine
Highest point
Elevation840 m (2,760 ft)
Prominence840 m (2,760 ft)
Isolation127.49 km (79.22 mi) Edit this on Wikidata
to Richmond Peak Edit this on Wikidata
ListingCountry high point
Coordinates12°09′44″N 61°40′30″W / 12.162281°N 61.675035°W / 12.162281; -61.675035Coordinates: 12°09′44″N 61°40′30″W / 12.162281°N 61.675035°W / 12.162281; -61.675035
Mount Saint Catherine is located in Grenada
Mount Saint Catherine
Mount Saint Catherine
LocationSaint Mark Parish, Grenada
Mountain typeStratovolcano
Last eruptionUnknown

Mount Saint Catherine is an extensively weathered stratovolcano mountain on the Caribbean island of Grenada. Its summit in St. Mark's, Victoria is one of the highlights of the Mount St. Catherine Forest Reserve.

The Mt. St. Catherine massif is the youngest of the five volcanoes on the island. The volcano has a ~1.5-km horseshoe-shaped crater open to the east, where a complex of volcanic lava domes occur across its flanks and is monitored by the Seismic Research Center of the University of the West Indies. The volcano is considered dormant because it has likely not erupted since the last Ice Age.[1] It is considered to be the only live volcano among the five volcanic centers in Grenada on account of its relatively well preserved morphology and the presence of hot springs and fumaroles on its flanks. Although violent eruptions occurred in the geological past (i.e. Pleistocene—2,588,000 to 11,700 years ago), revealed by voluminous pyroclastic-flow deposits extending northwest of the summit, this type of volcanic activity is now considered unlikely to occur in the near future.

The mountain summit is accessible by 3 steep rugged routes crossing the forest reserve. Tours are available, as well as guided trips to Tufton Hall Waterfall, the highest waterfalls on the island, off the southeastern flank of the mountain.

The summit of Mount Saint Catherine as seen from the Mt. Horne eastern trail approach. Visitors are enjoying the view from the radio tower platform vista.

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