Mount Santubong

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Mount Santubong
Mount Santubong from Santubong Bridge.jpg
Mt. Santubong from Santubong Bridge
Highest point
Elevation810.2 m (2,658 ft)
Prominence810 m (2,660 ft)
Coordinates01°44′N 110°20′E / 1.733°N 110.333°E / 1.733; 110.333
LocationSarawak, Borneo
First ascentUnknown
Easiest routeHike

Mount Santubong (Malay: Gunung Santubong) is a mountain in the Malaysian state of Sarawak. It is located about 35 km north of the state capital Kuching.

View from the mountain top
Mt. Santubong with Sarawak River in the foreground

Biological importance[edit]

In 1855 a British naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace[1] who was staying at Santubong while collecting specimens in Sarawak, wrote a paper while called "Sarawak Law" [2] which can be considered as a precursor to the biological theory of evolution.


Mount Santubong lies within a gazetted national park[1] of the same name. Entry to the park is now via the temporary Sarawak Forestry Corporation park headquarter entrance. The issue of custodian of park entry has now been put to rest by the relevant authorities [2]

Part of the arduous ascent


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