Mount Scenery

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Mount Scenery
Saba with cloud cover.jpg
Saba with Mount Scenery's peak in the clouds
Highest point
Elevation887 m (2,910 ft)
Prominence887 m (2,910 ft)
ListingCountry high point
Coordinates17°38′06″N 63°14′21″W / 17.63500°N 63.23917°W / 17.63500; -63.23917Coordinates: 17°38′06″N 63°14′21″W / 17.63500°N 63.23917°W / 17.63500; -63.23917
Mount Scenery is located in Lesser Antilles
Mount Scenery
Mount Scenery
location in the Lesser Antilles
LocationSaba, Caribbean Netherlands
Mountain typeStratovolcano with lava dome
Volcanic arcLesser Antilles Volcanic Arc
Last eruption1640

Mount Scenery is a potentially active volcano in the Caribbean Netherlands. Its lava dome forms the summit of the Saba island stratovolcano. At an elevation of 887 m (2,910 ft),[1] it is the highest point in both the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and, since the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles on 10 October 2010, the highest point in the Netherlands proper.

The Saba volcano is potentially dangerous; the latest eruption was in or around the year 1640 and included explosions and pyroclastic flows.

On 2 September 2019, Mt. Scenery Nature Park was elevated to the status of national park.[2]

It has a hiking trail to its summit, which is one of Saba's biggest tourist attractions. Along the way up the mountain can be found all of the climate zones on Saba, including a cloud forest at the summit.

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