Mount Sen

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Mount Sen
Mount Sen from Ichihara pass
Highest point
Elevation 1,005.2 m (3,298 ft)
Listing List of mountains and hills of Japan by height
Coordinates 35°8′N 134°53′E / 35.133°N 134.883°E / 35.133; 134.883
Pronunciation [seŋɡamine]
Location Taka and Kamikawa, Hyōgo, Japan
Parent range Chūgoku Mountains
Mountain type Fault-block

Mount Sen (千ヶ峰?, Sen-ga-mine) is a 1,005.2 m (3,298 ft) mountain of Chūgoku Mountains, located on the border of Taka and Kamikawa, Hyōgo, Japan. This mountain is one of Hyōgo 50 mountains. This mountain is an important center of Kasagatayama-Sengamine Prefectural Natural Park.


Mount Sen is the easternmost mountain, which is taller than 1000 m in Chugoku Mountains. Mount Sen is a typical fault-block mountain in this area.

On the name of Mount Sen, there are two explanations. One is because it has thousands of peaks (in Japanese ‘sen’ means thousand), however judging from the shape of the mountain, this explanation can not be believed. The other explanation is because the mountain is a mountain for Xian. In Japanese, Xian(仙) is pronounced ‘sen’.


There are three major routes to the top of this mountain. Mitani route and Iwazashin route start from Kadokura Bus Stop of Shinki Bus. It takes about two and half hours. The other route, Ichinara route is from Tanji Bus Stop, it takes about three hours.