Mount Shani

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Mount Shani
Gora Shan
Kazbegi Panorama.jpg
Mt. Shani (the leftmost peak in the photo) as seen from the outskirts of Stepantsminda
Highest point
Elevation4,451 m (14,603 ft) [1]
Prominence1,775 m (5,823 ft) [2]
Coordinates42°40′33″N 44°45′27″E / 42.67583°N 44.75750°E / 42.67583; 44.75750Coordinates: 42°40′33″N 44°45′27″E / 42.67583°N 44.75750°E / 42.67583; 44.75750[2]
Mount Shani is located in Georgia
Mount Shani
Mount Shani
Location in Georgia (on the border with Russia)
Mount Shani is located in Republic of Ingushetia
Mount Shani
Mount Shani
Mount Shani (Republic of Ingushetia)
LocationGeorgiaRussia border
Country Georgia and  Ingushetia
Parent rangeCaucasus

Mt. Shani (Georgian: შანი; Gora Shan in Russian) is a mountain in the Caucasus. It has an elevation of 4,451 metres (14,603 ft) and is on the international border between Georgia and Ingushetia, Russia. The mountain rises immediately to the east of Stepantsminda, Georgia.

Gergeti Trinity Church in the foreground with the base of Mount Shani in the background.

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