Mount Shibutsu

Coordinates: 36°54′12″N 139°10′24″E / 36.90345°N 139.17321°E / 36.90345; 139.17321
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Mount Shibutsu
Highest point
Elevation2,228.1 m (7,310 ft) Edit this on Wikidata
Coordinates36°54′12″N 139°10′24″E / 36.90345°N 139.17321°E / 36.90345; 139.17321
LocationGunma Prefecture, Japan

Mount Shibutsu (至仏山 Shifutsu/Shibutsu-san) is a serpentine mountain in the north-east of Gunma Prefecture in Japan. It is 2,228.1 m (7,310 ft) tall and located between Minakami Machi and Katashina Villages. It's one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains and is home to a "treasure trove" of alpine plants.[1] It is part of Oze National Park[2] and the Minakami UNESCO Eco Park.[3][citation needed]

Mountain climbing[edit]

The mountain can be climbed from April through November, and summitting takes about 3 hours.[4]

Hence, Mt. Shibutsu is a part of Oze National Park, access to the area is prohibited to protect vegetation during the remaining snow season by the Oze Reservation Foundation. Normally, no entry period is from May to June. Check up the Oze Reservation Foundation web site for more details.[5]


The mountain is home to several rare plant species that thrive in the serpentine soils, including Arenaria katoana, Leontopodium fauriei, and Japonolirion osense.[6]


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