Mount Si High School

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Mount Si High School
Front Entrance to Mount Si High School
Front Entrance to Mount Si High School
8651 Meadowbrook Way Southeast
Snoqualmie, Washington 98065
United States
Coordinates 47°31′24″N 121°48′56″W / 47.523272°N 121.815467°W / 47.523272; -121.815467Coordinates: 47°31′24″N 121°48′56″W / 47.523272°N 121.815467°W / 47.523272; -121.815467
Type Public intermediate school
School district Snoqualmie Valley School District #410
Principal John Belcher[1]
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 1654[2] (May 2014)
Color(s) Scarlet and Grey
Mascot Wildcat

Mount Si High School is a high school located in the Snoqualmie Valley in Snoqualmie, Washington and a part of Snoqualmie Valley School District #410.


Standardized testing[edit]

2009-10 MSP/HSPE Results[2]
Reading Math Writing Science
10th Grade Meeting Standard 87.1% 57.7% 89.8% 59.1%

Awards and recognition[edit]

  • Eight staff have received the Washington Award for Educational Excellence[3]
  • Rated 9 out of 10 with a community rating of 3 out of 5 by[4]
  • For the past three years, the National College Board has named the Snoqualmie Valley School District to its AP District Honor Roll [5]


2008 Day of Silence protest[edit]

In 2008, Mount Si High School hosted an assembly in honor of Martin Luther King Day.[6] Reverend Ken Hutcherson was invited to give a speech to talk about his personal experience of growing up with racism and how the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave him inspiration. During the assembly, two teachers spoke out against Rev. Hutcherson, one calling into question his dedication to equality for all people in light of his opposition to same-sex relationships, and the other booed during his speech.[7][8][9] Later that year when the school's GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) began preparing for the Day of Silence, a day when some students choose to take a vow of silence to raise awareness about anti-LGBT harassment and violence, Hutcherson planned on organizing, and took an ad out in a local paper calling for, 1,000 people to protest Mount Si High School.[10][11] Due to the controversy, the Day of Silence attracted a lot of attention with the people of Snoqualmie Valley—both negative and positive.[12][13] A group of parents and locals showed up on the day of the event to show their support of the students at Mount Si.[14] Over one third of the school's student population did not show up and the school administration waived absences for athletes who chose not to come to school on April 25, the Day of Silence.[6][15] In response to perceived lack of support in the administration, many parents of Mount Si students banded together to create a web blog in support of their children and the school's Gay-Straight Alliance.[16]

As of 2011, Ken Hutcherson continued to involve himself in politics surrounding Mount Si. "Specifically, this year Hutcherson used money from a nonprofit he controls to help fight against a $56 million bond measure that would have helped repair Mount Si High School's decaying floors, installed wheelchair accessible ramps in the school's portables, and fixed other buildings in the district (while also paying for construction of a new middle school)." [17]

2009 beating[edit]

In November, 2009, a freshman attending Mount Si High School was severely beaten after allegedly defending another student against anti-gay slurs.[18] The beaten boy was left with a concussion, broken teeth, and a fractured eye socket.[19][20] The beaten student as well as the student he claimed to have been protecting unenrolled from the school shortly after the incident.[21] The incident was not disclosed to the public or student body until June of the following year.


Mount Si High School has won several championships.


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