Mount Simeon District

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Mount Simeon District
منطقة جبل سمعان
Mount Simeon District in Syria
Location of Mount Simeon District within Aleppo Governorate
Coordinates (Aleppo): 36°13′N 37°10′E / 36.22°N 37.17°E / 36.22; 37.17Coordinates: 36°13′N 37°10′E / 36.22°N 37.17°E / 36.22; 37.17
Country  Syria
Governorate Aleppo
Seat Aleppo
Subdistricts 7 nawāḥī
 • Total 2,757.27 km2 (1,064.59 sq mi)
Population (2004)[1] 2,413,878
Geocode SY0200

Mount Simeon District (Arabic: منطقة جبل سمعان‎, translit. manṭiqat Jabal Sem‘ān), also known as Jabal Sem`an, is a district of Aleppo Governorate in northern Syria. Administrative centre is the city of Aleppo.

Until December 2008, the sub-district of Atāreb was part of Mount Simeon District before being incorporated as a separate district.[2] At the 2004 census, the remaining sub-districts had a total population of 2,413,878.[1]


The district of Mount Simeon is divided into seven sub-districts or nawāḥī (population as of 2004[1]):

Subdistricts of Mount Simeon District
Code Name Area Population Seat
SY020000 Mount Simeon Nahiya 663.95 km² 2,181,061 Aleppo
SY020002 Tall Ed-daman Nahiya 1,146.95 km² 47,501 Tall Ed-daman
SY020003 Haritan Nahiya 232.76 km² 67,745 Haritan
SY020004 Darat Izza Nahiya 227.49 km² 39,540 Darat Izza
SY020005 al-Zirbah Nahiya 354.79 km² 55,391 al-Zirbah
Zammar Nahiya Zammar
SY020006 Hadher Nahiya 131.33 km² 20,834 Hadher

Zammar Nahiya was separated from al-Zirbah Nahiya in 2009.[3]

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