Mount Sinai Hospital (Hartford)

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Mount Sinai Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut was a hospital founded in 1923. In 1995 it merged with Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center. The facilities that once housed the hospital are now designated as the Mount Sinai Campus of Saint Francis Care.

  • Hartford's Neighborhoods: Blue Hills:
In 1923, the Jewish community organized Mount Sinai Hospital, the city's third general hospital. In 1990, the hospital became affiliated with Saint Francis to create a regional health system. It was the first recorded instance of collaboration between a Catholic and Jewish hospital in U.S. history. The two institutions completed the formal merger.
  • Saint Francis Care, "Our History":
In 1990, Saint Francis made history when it affiliated with Mount Sinai Hospital, the first recorded collaboration between a Catholic and a Jewish-sponsored hospital in the United States. Five years later, a formal corporate merger was completed. Today, the Mount Sinai Campus is a vital component of Saint Francis Care, a dynamic integrated health care delivery system.

Coordinates: 41°46′24″N 72°41′59″W / 41.7733°N 72.6997°W / 41.7733; -72.6997