Mount Sis

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Mount Sis
Highest point
Elevation 2,182 m (7,159 ft)
Coordinates 40°53′0″N 39°6′0″E / 40.88333°N 39.10000°E / 40.88333; 39.10000Coordinates: 40°53′0″N 39°6′0″E / 40.88333°N 39.10000°E / 40.88333; 39.10000
Location Görele, Giresun Province, Turkey

Mount Sis (Turkish: Sis Dağı) is a mountain in Görele, Giresun Province, Turkey. Its elevation is 2182 m (7159 ft). Mount Sis Festival (Turkish: Sis Dağı Şenlikleri) attracts hundreds of people from Giresun and Trabzon to visit Mount Sis.[1][2] During the festival, traditional costumes are worn by visitors. The first Mount Sis Festival is thought to be held in 1830s.[3] Mount Sis has also a plateau which is called "Sis Dağı Yaylası" in Turkey.

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