Mount Siyeh

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Mount Siyeh
Cracker Peak and Mount Siyeh from Skyline.JPG
Cracker Peak and Mount Siyeh as viewed from the "Skyline Experience"
Highest point
Elevation 10,014 ft (3,052 m) [1]
Prominence 3,106 ft (947 m) [1]
Parent peak Mount Cleveland[1]
Listing Mountains in Glacier County, Montana
Coordinates 48°43′45″N 113°38′59″W / 48.72917°N 113.64972°W / 48.72917; -113.64972Coordinates: 48°43′45″N 113°38′59″W / 48.72917°N 113.64972°W / 48.72917; -113.64972[2]
Parent range Lewis Range
Topo map USGS Logan Pass, MT
First ascent 1924 (Norman Clyde)[1]

Mount Siyeh, with a height of 10,014 feet (3,052 m), is the fifth tallest and one of six peaks over 10,000 feet (3,048 m) in Glacier National Park, Montana, United States. Mount Siyeh was named after a Blackfoot Indian, Sai-yeh, whose name means "Crazy Dog" or "Mad Wolf."[3]

Mount Siyeh stands about two miles east of the Continental Divide, within the watershed of the Saint Mary River, which drains into the Saskatchewan River, and ultimately into Hudson Bay.

Mount Siyeh is rather easily accessible from a variety of different routes. It can be ascended via a long scree scramble from the Preston Park area, or from Piegan Pass via Cataract Mountain. The summit can also be reached via a long hiking/mountaineering route dubbed the "Skyline Experience"; this route starts from the Many Glacier Hotel and involves 5.5 miles (9 km) ridge walk and includes the summits of Wynn Mountain (8,404 feet (2,562 m)) and Cracker Peak (9,833 feet (2,997 m)) before reaching the top of Siyeh.[4][5]

Mt. Siyeh

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