Mount Strahan

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Mount Strahan
Mount Strahan is located in Tasmania
Mount Strahan
Mount Strahan
Location in Tasmania
Highest point
Elevation 855 m (2,805 ft)
Coordinates 42°14′24″S 145°30′36″E / 42.24000°S 145.51000°E / -42.24000; 145.51000Coordinates: 42°14′24″S 145°30′36″E / 42.24000°S 145.51000°E / -42.24000; 145.51000[1]
Location West Coast, Tasmania, Australia
Parent range West Coast Range

Mount Strahan is a mountain located on the West Coast Range in the West Coast region of Tasmania, Australia. With an elevation of 855 metres (2,805 ft) above sea level, the mountain is situated directly east of Macquarie Harbour and, like Mount Sorell, dominates the east side of the harbour near Sarah Island.[2]

The mountain was named by Thomas Bather Moore in honour of Sir George Strahan, a Governor of Tasmania.[2]


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