Mount Sylvester

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Mount Sylvester is a large formation of rock of the glacier period found in central portion of the Island of Newfoundland.[1] The mountain lies within the boundary of the Bay du Nord Wilderness Reserve of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

The mount was so named for Sylvester Joe, a native Mi'kmaq of Newfoundland who was engaged by William Cormack to guide him on his trek across Newfoundland. The area which makes up Mount Sylvester is known as an Inselberg, a rock tower produced by chemical weathering and further modified by glaciation.

Coordinates: 48°10′37.62″N 55°04′39.66″W / 48.1771167°N 55.0776833°W / 48.1771167; -55.0776833


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