Mount Tamalpais Cemetery

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Mount Tamampais Cemetery
Mount Tamalpais Cemetery
Established 1879
Location San Rafael, California, United States of America
Type Public
Size 65 acres
Website Mt. Tamalpais Cemetery Website

Mount Tamalpais Cemetery is located in San Rafael, Marin County, California.[1]


The cemetery was founded by Dr. Henry A. Dubois,Jr. An ordinance was passed that prohibited any burials within the towns limits. Dr DuBois attended a town hall meeting where him among many others offered bids to start up a new cemetery. DuBois' bid of $13,000 for a part of his ranch was the ultimate winner. He toured over 40 cemeteries and drew up plans before the cemetery was being built so he could figure out the best possible layout for the cemetery. After hiring around 40 men, most of who were Chinese Laborers, the cemetery was finally completed in August 1879.[2]

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