Mount Tateshina

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Mount Tateshina
Mount Tateshina in Winter (December 2008)
Highest point
Elevation 2,530 m (8,300 ft)
Listing 100 Famous Japanese Mountains
Coordinates 36°6′13″N 138°17′42″E / 36.10361°N 138.29500°E / 36.10361; 138.29500Coordinates: 36°6′13″N 138°17′42″E / 36.10361°N 138.29500°E / 36.10361; 138.29500
Translation high mountain of water-peppers (Japanese)
Mount Tateshina is located in Japan
Mount Tateshina
Mount Tateshina
Location of Mount Tateshina in Japan.
Location Honshū, Japan
Parent range Northern Yatsugatake Volcanic Group
Mountain type Complex volcano
Last eruption Unknown

Mount Tateshina (蓼科山 Tateshina-yama?) also Suwa Fuji is a complex volcano located on the border of the municipalities of Chino and Tateshina in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

It has an elevation of 2,530 m (8,301 ft). This mountain is one of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains.


Mount Tateshina is a typical complex volcano. About the origin of the name of this mountain, tate means water-pepper, and shina means steps or high places. So Tateshina is literally a high mountain of water-peppers. The other name of this mountain Suwa Fuji, literally, Mount Fuji of the Suwa region.

Mount Tateshina is an important part of Yatsugatake-Chūshin Kōgen Quasi-National Park.


Routes to climb up Mount Tateshina are well-developed. The most popular route is to start from the Nanagome parking lot.


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