Mount Tennōzan

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Mount Tennōzan
  • 天王山
  • Tennōzan
  • Mount Tennō
Tennozan Shimamoto.jpg
Highest point
Elevation270 m (890 ft)
LocationŌyamazaki, Kyoto, Japan

Mount Tennōzan (天王山, Tennōzan), or simply Tennōzan, is a mountain in Ōyamazaki, Kyoto, Japan. The name originates from a shrine on the mountain dedicated to Gozutennō.


Throughout history, the mountain was a place of great strategic importance due to its location. Many wars were fought on its sides, including the Battle of Yamazaki between Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Akechi Mitsuhide.[1] Due to its strategic location the Japanese phrase "Decisive is Tennōzan" (天下分け目の天王山) was born.


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Coordinates: 34°32′24″N 135°24′00″E / 34.5400°N 135.4000°E / 34.5400; 135.4000