Mount Terrible (Victoria)

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Mount Terrible
Mount Terrible, Victoria, 2007 (3).JPG
The sign at the summit
Highest point
Elevation 1,325 metres (4,347 ft) AHD  [1]
Coordinates 37°23′44″S 146°8′25″E / 37.39556°S 146.14028°E / -37.39556; 146.14028Coordinates: 37°23′44″S 146°8′25″E / 37.39556°S 146.14028°E / -37.39556; 146.14028[2]
Mount Terrible is located in Victoria
Mount Terrible
Mount Terrible
Parent range Great Dividing Range

Mount Terrible is a mountain within the Great Dividing Range, located to the south-west of Kevington in Victoria, Australia.[2][3] The mountain is located within the 100 hectares (250 acres) Mount Terrible Natural Features and Scenic Reserve.[4]

Location and features[edit]

Its peak is 1,325 metres (4,347 ft) AHD  and affords excellent views.[5] The walk up the spur from the Kevington Pub is an excellent, if strenuous 1,000 metres (3,300 ft) climb with spectacular views.[citation needed] A fire lookout tower was installed in 1962.[6] It is a steel structure measuring 22 metres (72 ft) high and has a cabin on top. The tower is utilised for communications by Telstra, Ambulance Victoria, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victorian State Emergency Service, LSE Technology and the Upper Goulburn Repeater Association (UHF CB).[7][8]

Access to the summit is via a 4 wheel drive track. The track is rocky, and may be covered by snow in the winter.[5]

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