Mount Torment

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Mount Torment
Mount Torment Photo.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 8,120+ft (2,470+m)
Prominence 200 ft (60 m) [1]
Coordinates 48°30′45″N 121°04′36″W / 48.512578°N 121.076774°W / 48.512578; -121.076774Coordinates: 48°30′45″N 121°04′36″W / 48.512578°N 121.076774°W / 48.512578; -121.076774[1]
Location Skagit County, Washington, U.S.
Parent range North Cascades
Volcanic arc Cascade Volcanic Arc
First ascent 1946 by Jack Schwabland and Herb Staley [2]

Mount Torment is a 8,120+-foot (2,470+m) high peak in the North Cascades of Washington in the United States.[1] It is located approximately 65 miles (105 km) northeast of the city of Everett.[3] First ascended on August 23, 1946, its name originates from the first ascent party, because of "the torture of a hot day with only one orange for quenching thirst." Since then, Mount Torment has gained popularity because of the Torment-Forbidden Traverse to neighboring Forbidden Peak, an exposed alpine route.[2]

The North Fork Cascade River rises in a basin below Mount Torment and flows several miles west to the Cascade River. Numerous waterfalls are found in this valley.


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