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Trebeshinë (mountain)

Coordinates: 40°20′31″N 20°06′18″E / 40.341898°N 20.10488°E / 40.341898; 20.10488
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View of the Këlcyrë Gorge
Highest point
Elevation1,922 m (6,306 ft)
Prominence1,369 m (4,491 ft)
Isolation13.9 km (8.6 mi)
Coordinates40°20′31″N 20°06′18″E / 40.341898°N 20.10488°E / 40.341898; 20.10488
Trebeshinë is located in Albania
Country Albania
RegionSouthern Mountain Region
MunicipalityPërmet, Tepelenë
Parent rangeTrebeshinë-DhëmbelNemërçkë
Age of rockMesozoic, Neogene
Mountain typemassif
Type of rocklimestone

Trebeshinë (def. 'Trebeshina') is a massif situated on the border between Përmet and Tepelenë municipalities, in southern Albania.

Part of the Trebeshinë-Dhëmbel-Nemërçkë mountain range, it stretches approximately 15–16 km (9.3–9.9 mi) in length, from the Kiçoku Pass to the Gorge of Këlcyrë, in a northwest-southeast orientation, reaching a height of 1,922 m (6,306 ft).[1]



Composed primarily of Mesozoic and Neogene limestone, the mountain forms an anticline in the shape of a box, with a dome-shaped ridge carved from karst processes. Trebeshinë features numerous dry streams with shallow beds flowing down its slopes. On the eastern slope, the landscape is covered with bushes and oak trees. Summer pastures and medicinal plants are also widespread.[2]

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