Mount Tukosmera

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Mount Tukosmera
Mount Tukosmera is located in Vanuatu
Mount Tukosmera
Mount Tukosmera
Highest point
Elevation1,084 m (3,556 ft)
Prominence1,084 metres (3,556 ft)
Coordinates19°34′35″S 169°23′33″E / 19.57639°S 169.39250°E / -19.57639; 169.39250Coordinates: 19°34′35″S 169°23′33″E / 19.57639°S 169.39250°E / -19.57639; 169.39250[1]
LocationTanna, Vanuatu
Age of rockPleistocene

Mount Tukosmera is the tallest mountain on Tanna, Vanuatu. It is located in the southern part of the island. It was a volcano in the Pleistocene, but is no longer active, unlike Mount Yasur.

The mountain has special religious significance for the adherents of the John Frum movement, as a place from which gods come.[citation needed]


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