Mount Ungaran

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Mount Ungaran
MtUngaran Ambarawa RawaPening1 Pj DSC 1383s.JPG
Mount Ungaran from southern side
Highest point
Elevation 2,050 m (6,730 ft) [1]
Listing Ribu
Coordinates 7°11′S 110°20′E / 7.18°S 110.33°E / -7.18; 110.33
Mount Ungaran is located in Java
Mount Ungaran
Mount Ungaran
Mount Ungaran is located in Indonesia
Mount Ungaran
Mount Ungaran
Mount Ungaran (Indonesia)
Age of rock Holocene
Mountain type stratovolcano

Mount Ungaran is a deeply eroded stratovolcano, located in the south of Semarang, Indonesia. There are no historical records about the mountain's activities. Two active fumarole fields are found on the southern flanks.[1]

The town of Ungaran is located on the eastern side of the volcano, whereas Ambarawa lays of its southern wing. Bandungan and surroundings, including the Gedong Songo temple complex, are tourist attractions on the volcano. The lake of Rawa Pening is located southeast of the volcano.

Endemic fauna includes Philautus jacobsoni, a tree frog that has not been seen for decades.

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