Wapta Mountain

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Wapta Mountain
Fossil Ridge.jpg
Wapta Mountain marks the end of Fossil Ridge
Highest point
Elevation 2,778 m (9,114 ft) [1][2]
Coordinates 51°27′05″N 116°28′39″W / 51.45139°N 116.47750°W / 51.45139; -116.47750Coordinates: 51°27′05″N 116°28′39″W / 51.45139°N 116.47750°W / 51.45139; -116.47750[3]
Wapta Mountain is located in British Columbia
Wapta Mountain
Wapta Mountain
Parent range President Range
Topo map NTS 082N08
First ascent 1901[4]

Wapta Mountain is a mountain located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains between Emerald Lake and Yoho Valley in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada. It stands just north of the ridge containing the Burgess Shale fossil beds. Along with The Vice President and Mount Burgess, Wapta Mountain forms the backdrop to Emerald Lake, and marks the southern end of the President Range.

In 1901, James Outram, J. H. Scattergood, and their guide C. Bohren, became the first people to ascend Wapta Mountain.[4] Wapta Mountain overlooks Takakkaw Falls (1,247 feet), the second tallest waterfall in western Canada. The word "Wapta" means "river" in Stoney language.[5]


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