Mount Warusawa

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Mount Warusawa
13 Arakawadake from Shiomidake 2000-7-9.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 3,141 m (10,305 ft)
Listing List of mountains and hills of Japan by height
Coordinates 35°30′03″N 138°10′57″E / 35.50083°N 138.18250°E / 35.50083; 138.18250Coordinates: 35°30′03″N 138°10′57″E / 35.50083°N 138.18250°E / 35.50083; 138.18250
Mount Warusawa is located in Japan
Mount Warusawa
Mount Warusawa
Parent range Akaishi Mountains
Topo map Geographical Survey Institute 25000:1 赤石岳
25000:1 塩見岳
50000:1 甲府
Easiest route Hiking

Mount Warusawa (悪沢岳, Warusawa-dake), also Mount Higashi (東岳, Higashi-dake), is a mountain located in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. It has a height of 3,141 metres (10,305 ft). It is located in the southern part of the Akaishi Mountains, which are known as the "Southern Alps" (南アルプス Minami-Alps). It is located in the Minami Alps National Park .[1]

Arakawa 3 mountains[edit]

Mount Warusawa, Mount Arakawa-Naka and Mount Arakawa-Mae are called Arakawa 3 mountains.

Image Mountain Height Position
06 Warusawadake from Kogochidake 1999-11-5.jpg Mount Warusawa 3,141 m (10,305 ft) in the east
Arakawanakdake from Warusawadake 1999-10-29.jpg Mount Arakawa-Naka 3,083 m (10,115 ft) at center
Arakawadake from Akaishidake 2000-10-21.jpg Mount Arakawa-Mae 3,068 m (10,066 ft) forward


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