Mount Washington (Olympics)

Coordinates: 47°31′53″N 123°14′46″W / 47.531349744°N 123.24610645°W / 47.531349744; -123.24610645
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Mount Washington
Mount Washington seen from Seattle
Highest point
Elevation6,260 ft (1,908 m)[1]
Prominence2,615 ft (797 m)[2]
Coordinates47°31′53″N 123°14′46″W / 47.531349744°N 123.24610645°W / 47.531349744; -123.24610645[1]
Mount Washington is located in Washington (state)
Mount Washington
Mount Washington
Mount Washington is located in the United States
Mount Washington
Mount Washington
Mount Washington (the United States)
Parent rangeOlympic Mountains
Topo mapUSGS Mount Washington
Easiest routeRoute 1A from the Olympic Mountains Climbing Guide provides a direct approach with few route finding difficulties.

Mount Washington is a 6,260-foot-tall (1,910 m) peak in the Olympic Mountains of Washington state. The mountain is located in the Mount Skokomish Wilderness.


Mount Washington is located in the marine west coast climate zone of western North America. Most weather fronts originate in the Pacific Ocean, and travel northeast toward the Olympic Mountains.

Mt. Washington seen from Mt. Ellinor

As fronts approach, they are forced upward by the peaks of the Olympic Range, causing them to drop their moisture in the form of rain or snowfall (Orographic lift). As a result, the Olympics experience high precipitation, especially during the winter months. During winter months, weather is usually cloudy, but, due to high pressure systems over the Pacific Ocean that intensify during summer months, there is often little or no cloud cover during the summer. Because of maritime influence, snow tends to be wet and heavy, resulting in avalanche danger. Precipitation runoff from the mountain drains into the Hamma Hamma River and Skokomish River.

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360° panorama from near the summit of Mount Ellinor in the Olympic Mountains of Washington state. Mount Washington is on the right