Mount Washington (Oregon)

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Mount Washington
Mount Washington, OR, USFS.jpg
Mount Washington from Big Lake
Highest point
Elevation 7,798 ft (2,377 m)  NAVD 88[1]
Prominence 2,554 ft (778 m) [1]
Coordinates 44°19′56″N 121°50′19″W / 44.3321254°N 121.8385292°W / 44.3321254; -121.8385292Coordinates: 44°19′56″N 121°50′19″W / 44.3321254°N 121.8385292°W / 44.3321254; -121.8385292[2]
Location Deschutes / Linn counties, Oregon, U.S.
Parent range Cascade Range
Topo map USGS Mount Washington
Age of rock Pleistocene
Mountain type Shield volcano[3]
Volcanic arc Cascade Volcanic Arc
Last eruption About 670 AD
First ascent 1923 by E. McNeal and party[4]

Mount Washington is a deeply eroded shield volcano in the Cascade Range of Oregon. The mountain dates to the Late Pleistocene. However, it does have a line of basaltic andesite spatter cones on its northeast flank which is approximately 1,330 years old (dating from the Holocene) according to carbon dating. The main peak is a volcanic plug that was heavily eroded by glaciers in the last ice age.[3]

Mount Washington was first ascended on August 26, 1923 by Ervin McNeal, Phil Philbrook, Armin Furrer, Wilbur Watkins, Leo Harryman, and Ronald Sellars.[5]

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