Mount Wilbur (Alaska)

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Mount Wilbur
Mts Orville and Wilbur
Highest point
Elevation10,821 ft (3,298 m)[1]
Prominence3,963 ft (1,208 m)[1]
Coordinates58°44′24″N 137°19′07″W / 58.74000°N 137.31861°W / 58.74000; -137.31861
Parent rangeFairweather Range, Saint Elias Mountains
Topo mapUSGS Mount Fairweather C-4 Quadrangle
First ascent1975 by D. Jones, C. Gerhardt, C. McKibben
Easiest routesnow/ice climb

Mount Wilbur is a high peak of the Fairweather Range, the southernmost part of the Saint Elias Mountains. It lies approximately 14 miles (22 km) southeast of Mount Fairweather and 8 miles (13 km) northwest of Mount Crillon. It is included in Glacier Bay National Park. The peak is the higher of a pair of peaks, Mounts Wilbur and Orville, named after the Wright Brothers.

Though not a particularly high peak in absolute terms, Mount Wilbur does stand quite high above local terrain, due to its proximity to the ocean: the summit is only 7.5 miles from tidewater at the head of Lituya Bay to the southwest.


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