Mount Yae

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Mount Yaedake from Japan National Route 449 in Awa, Nago, Okinawa.

Mount Yae (八重岳, Yae Dake), also known as Mount Yaedake or Yae-Take, is a mountain in Motobu, Okinawa on Okinawa Island. It is the tallest mountain on the Motobu Peninsula, standing at 593 m (1,945 ft 6 12 in).[1] Nakijin Castle and Nago Castle were built nearby in the 14th century. The mountain itself was used as a major Japanese defensive position during the Battle of Okinawa. Today it is famous for its annual Cherry Blossom Festival (桜祭り, Sakura Matsuri) held in March.[2]


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Coordinates: 26°38′08″N 127°55′42″E / 26.6356°N 127.9283°E / 26.6356; 127.9283