Mount Yajuro

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Mount Yajuro
Mount Yajuro from Hahakabemae Bus Stop
Highest point
Elevation 715.1 m (2,346 ft)
Listing List of mountains and hills of Japan by height
Coordinates 35°3′N 135°18′E / 35.050°N 135.300°E / 35.050; 135.300
Pronunciation [jadʑɯːɾoːɡatake]
Location Sasayama, Hyōgo, Japan
Parent range Tanba Highland
Mountain type fault-block

Mount Yajuro (弥十郎ヶ嶽?, Yajūrō-ga-take) is a 715.1 m (2,346 ft) mountain of Tanba Highland, located in Sasayama, Hyōgo, Japan. This mountain is one of Hyōgo 50 mountains. This mountain is a part of Inagawa Natural Park.


Mount Yajuro is one of the popular mountains of Tanba Highland. Mount Yajuro is a typical fault-block mountain in this area.


Mount Yajuro has been an object of worship by the people around the mountain. On the south foot of the mountain, there was Saiko-ji temple which is said to be established in 731 by Gyōki. The temple moved to the north foot of the mountain, but burned in the war. On the north foot of the mountain there is Hahakabe shrine and today we can find a monument to show the shrine has their own area in the mountain.


There are several routes to the top of the mountain. The easiest route is from Hōkabemae Bus Stop of Shinki Bus via Yakushinogahara Camping place. It takes about two hours. Another route is from Ushiroguchi Bus Stop, it takes one and half hours. The other route is from Shimo-Kagonobo..