Mount Zagora

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Jbel Zagora
جبل زكورة
Mount Zagora, Morocco (5422834133) (6).jpg
View of Jbel Zagora
Highest point
Elevation1,030 m (3,380 ft)
Coordinates30°21′N 05°45′W / 30.350°N 5.750°W / 30.350; -5.750Coordinates: 30°21′N 05°45′W / 30.350°N 5.750°W / 30.350; -5.750
Jbel Zagora is located in Morocco
Jbel Zagora
Jbel Zagora
Parent rangeLittle Atlas
First ascentUnknown
Easiest routeFrom Zagora

Mount Zagora (Jbel Zagora), also known as Tazagourt is a mountain in south-eastern Morocco, in the region of Drâa-Tafilalet.


The mountain is situated in the Little Atlas range and gives its name to the nearby town of Zagora. It has a double peak with one of the summits reaching 1030 m and the other 971 m.

On the top of the Zagora mountain the remains of an Almoravid fortress can still be seen.[1]


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