Mount Zeil

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Mount Zeil
Mt Zeil.jpg
Mount Zeil viewed from the south
Elevation 1,531 m (5,023 ft)AHD
Mount Zeil is located in Northern Territory
Mount Zeil
Mount Zeil
Location of Mount Zeil in the
Northern Territory
Location Northern Territory, Australia
Range MacDonnell Ranges
Coordinates 23°22′59″S 132°22′59″E / 23.38306°S 132.38306°E / -23.38306; 132.38306Coordinates: 23°22′59″S 132°22′59″E / 23.38306°S 132.38306°E / -23.38306; 132.38306

Mount Zeil (1,531 metres (5,023 ft))[1] is a mountain situated in the western MacDonnell Ranges in Australia's Northern Territory. It is the highest peak in the Northern Territory, and the highest peak on the Australian mainland west of the Great Dividing Range.

It is believed that Mount Zeil was named during or following Ernest Giles' 1872 expedition, probably after Count Zeil, who had recently distinguished himself with geographic explorations in Spitzbergen; a footnote in Giles' published journal implies that the naming was instigated by his benefactor Baron Ferdinand von Mueller.[2]

The indigenous name for Mount Zeil in the Western Arrernte language is Urlatherrke, referring to the Yeperenye caterpillars.[3]

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