Mount Zulia

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Mount Zulia
Highest point
Elevation 2,149 m (7,051 ft)
Coordinates 4°07′30″N 33°59′13″E / 4.125°N 33.986944°E / 4.125; 33.986944
Location Uganda

Mount Zulia (or Losolia) is in the Karamoja region in the northeast of Uganda, Africa in the Kidepo Valley National Park. Nearby there are Mount Morungole, and the Labwor and Dodoth Hills which reach heights in excess of 2,000 metres.[1] Mount Zulia is 2,149 metres high.

The Toposa people of Eastern Equatoria say that they originated in the Losolia Mountains, moving away during a severe drought that killed both people and animals.[2] The forests of the mountain are partly protected by the Mount Zulia Forest Reserve.[3]


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