Mount Zwegabin

Coordinates: 16°49′31″N 97°40′08″E / 16.8254°N 97.6690°E / 16.8254; 97.6690
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Zwegabin (Burmese), Kwekabaw (Karen)
ဇွဲကပင်တောင်, ကွဲၢ်ကဘီ
Lumbine buddha Garden 2.jpg
A buddha statue garden is located near the starting point of the stairs to the top of the mountain. Buildings in the top of the mountain belong to Mount Zwegabin monastery.
Highest point
Elevation722 m (2,369 ft)
Coordinates16°49′31″N 97°40′08″E / 16.8254°N 97.6690°E / 16.8254; 97.6690
Zwegabin (Burmese), Kwekabaw (Karen) is located in Myanmar
Zwegabin (Burmese), Kwekabaw (Karen)
Zwegabin (Burmese), Kwekabaw (Karen)
Location in Myanmar
LocationKayin State, Myanmar
Parent rangeTenasserim Hills

Mount Zwegabin (Kwekabaw) (Phlone: ခွဲါက္ၜင်; Burmese: ဇွဲကပင်တောင်; S'gaw Karen: ကွဲၢ်ကဘီကစၢၢ်) is a mountain in Myanmar. It is located in Kayin State, in the southern part of the country, around 450 km south of the capital Naypyidaw.[1] The top of Zwegabin is 722 metres (2,369 ft) above sea level.

The terrain around Mount Zwegabin is flat to the north-west, but hilly to the south-east. Calculated from the variance of all elevation data (DEM 3 ") from Viewfinder Panoramas, within 10 kilometers radius.[2] Mount Zwegabin is the highest point in the region. The area around Mount Zwegabin, is quite densely populated, with 155 inhabitants per square kilometer. The closest major city is Hpa-an, 8.2 km northwest of Mount Zwegabin. The surroundings around the mountains are a mosaic of agricultural land and natural vegetation.

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