Mount Zwegabin

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Zwegabin (Burmese), Kwekabaw (Karen)
ဇွဲကပင်တောင်, ကွဲၢ်ကဘီ
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Highest point
Elevation722 m (2,369 ft)
Coordinates16°49′31″N 97°40′08″E / 16.8254°N 97.6690°E / 16.8254; 97.6690Coordinates: 16°49′31″N 97°40′08″E / 16.8254°N 97.6690°E / 16.8254; 97.6690
Zwegabin (Burmese), Kwekabaw (Karen) is located in Myanmar
Zwegabin (Burmese), Kwekabaw (Karen)
Zwegabin (Burmese), Kwekabaw (Karen)
Location in Myanmar
LocationKayin State, Myanmar
Parent rangeTenasserim Hills

Mount Zwekabin (Kwekabaw) (Phlone: ခွဲါက္ၜင်; Burmese: ဇွဲကပင်တောင်; S'gaw Karen: ကွဲၢ်ကဘီကစၢၢ်) is mountain in Myanmar. It is in the region of Karen, in the southern part of the country, 400 km south of the capital Naypyidaw.[1] The top of Zwekabin is 722 metres (2,369 ft) above sea level.

The terrain around Zwekabin Taung is flat to the north-west, but to the south-east it is hilly. Calculated from the variance of all elevation data (DEM 3 ") from Viewfinder Panoramas, within 10 kilometers radius.[2] Zwekabin Taung is the highest point in the region. Around Zwekabin Taung, it is quite densely populated, with 155 inhabitants per square kilometer. The closest major society is Hpa-an, 8.2 km northwest of Zwekabin Taung. The surroundings around Zwekabin Taung are a mosaic of agricultural land and natural vegetation.

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