Mountain (Circle album)

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Mountain album cover.jpg
Live album by Circle
Released 2004
Length 46.28
Label Kevyt Nostalgia, Super Metsä
Circle chronology

Mountain is the eighteenth album by the Finnish experimental rock band Circle.

It was issued as a limited edition vinyl LP by Kevyt Nostalgia/Super Metsä in 2004. It is a recording of a concert from 9 October 2004 at Holy Trinity Church, Leeds, United Kingdom. Circle headlined the bill, which also included Guapo. (Guapo's Daniel O'Sullivan and Circle's Jussi Lehtisalo have collaborated in Grumbling Fur.) The set comprised one long improvised piece, dominated by Mika Rättö's electric piano and Janne Westerlund's acoustic guitar.[1] For the album release, the track was named "Diamond" and split into two parts on either side of the LP.

Mountain is one of a series of vinyl-only albums released by Circle which document their often improvised freeform live shows.

Track listing[edit]

Side A
  • Diamond, pt. 1 (23:39)
Side B
  • Diamond, pt. 2 (22:49)


  • Jussi Lehtisalo
  • Tomi Leppänen
  • Mika Rättö
  • Janne Westerlund