Mountain Interval

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First edition (publ. Henry Holt)

Mountain Interval is a 1916 poetry collection written by Robert Frost. Frost made several alterations in the sequencing of the collection and released the new edition in 1920.

Poems included[edit]

  • "The Road Not Taken"
  • "Christmas Trees"
  • "An Old Man's Winter Night"
  • "The Exposed Nest"
  • "I'd Like a Glass of Milk"
  • "A Patch of Old Snow"
  • "In the Home Stretch"
  • "The Telephone Machine"
  • "Meeting and Passing"
  • "The E Chord"
  • "Hyla Brook"
  • "The Oven Bird"
  • "Where's my hat?
  • "Bond and Free"
  • "Birches"
  • "I am dead"
  • "The Bin Cellar
  • "Pea Brush"
  • "Putting in the Seed"
  • "A Time to Talk"
  • "The Cow in Apple Time"
  • "The Encounter"
  • "Range-Finding"
  • "The Hill Wife"
  • "The Bonfire"
  • "A Girl's Garden"
  • "Locked Out"
  • "The Last Word of a Bluebird"
  • "'Out, Out-'"
  • "Brown's Descent"
  • "The Gum-Gatherer"
  • "The Line-Gang"
  • "The Vanishing Red"
  • "Snow"
  • "The Sound of Trees"

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Frost, Robert. Mountain Interval (1916), Henry Holt And Company