Mountain Strawberries 2

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Mountain Strawberries 2
Mountain Strawberries 2.jpg
Theatrical poster for Mountain Strawberries 2 (1985)
Hangul 2
Hanja 딸기 2
Revised Romanization Sanddalgi 2
McCune–Reischauer Santtalgi 2
Directed by Kim Su-hyeong[1]
Produced by Seo Hyeon
Written by Yoo Ji-hoeng
Starring Seonu Il-ran
Music by Jeong Min-seob
Cinematography Park Seung-duck
Edited by Ree Kyoung-ja
Distributed by Nam A Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Release date
  • February 2, 1985 (1985-02-02)
Running time
94 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

Mountain Strawberries 2 (산딸기 2 - Sanddalgi 2), also known as Wild Strawberries 2, is a 1985 South Korean film directed by Kim Su-hyeong. It was the second entry in the Mountain Strawberries series.


A farmer in a community near Jirisan falls in love with and marries an itinerant performer. She plans to betray him by robbing him and leaving with her old boyfriend, another itinerant performer, when he comes to the village. Eventually she realizes she loves the farmer and stays with him.[2]


  • Seonu Il-ran[2]
  • Ma Hung-sik
  • You Young-kook
  • Yeo Woon-kay
  • Yang Hyoung-ho
  • Kim Ok-jin
  • Park Yong-pal
  • Son Jeon
  • Oh Do-kyu
  • Choe Jae-ho





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