Rue de la Montagne

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Rue de la Montagne
Rue de la montagne.jpg
Rue de la Montagne looking southward.
Length 2.2 km (1.4 mi)
Location Between Doctor Penfield Avenue and Wellington Street
Coordinates 45°29′54″N 73°34′33″W / 45.498359°N 73.575949°W / 45.498359; -73.575949
Construction start 1761

Rue de la Montagne is a north-south street located in downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It links Doctor Penfield Avenue in the north and Wellington Street in the south. Notable businesses include Ogilvy.


According to the Commission de toponymie du Québec, the street is named for Mount Royal. A 1761 map by Journain de la Brosse shows a trail at the location of the current street called Chemin des Sauvages de la Montagne. It is also found under the name Chemin de la Montagne in later maps, such as the map by surveyor Jean Péladeau in 1778.[1]

Rue de la Montagne, downtown.
Rue de la Montagne in the Griffintown neighbourhood.

There is an urban legend that it was named after Jacob Mountain, first Anglican bishop of Quebec, or his son Bishop George Jehoshaphat Mountain.[2] However, Jacob Mountain was neither the bishop nor resident in Quebec until 1793, long after the creation of maps bearing the name Chemin de la Montagne.


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Coordinates: 45°29′54″N 73°34′33″W / 45.498359°N 73.575949°W / 45.498359; -73.575949