Wehrmacht mountain troops badge

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Mountain Troops Badge
Awarded by GermanyNazi Germany
Type Badge
Status No longer awarded
Description Grey metal edelweiss with yellow stamen

The Wehrmacht Mountain Troops Badge (German: Wehrmacht Gebirgsjäger) was a World War II Nazi German military two-tone metal qualification badge worn on the distinctive hats of elite mountain troops.

The German language word for such mountain infantry is Gebirgsjäger (mountain + hunter or rifleman). The cap badge is based on the edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum) (German: Edelweiß) flower which grows at high Alpine elevations. It is among the few Nazi military emblems not to include swastikas or rune symbols. Soldiers with approved mountain infantry training and who also completed an Edelweißmarsch high-altitude training hike could wear such an emblem on the left side of their cap.