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Mountaineers 5 Peak Pin is the name of a mountaineering challenge in Washington State, United States. The five peaks that make up the challenge, Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Mount Baker, Mount Olympus, and Glacier Peak range from easy to moderate climbing difficulty.[1] The highest peak of the Pin is Mount Rainier, and the least prominent is the heavily glaciated Mount Olympus. Expert Climbers like Jim Whittaker and Ed Viesturs pioneered the 5 peak Pin, which is now a popular first challenge for aspiring climbers. [2]

  • Mount Rainier 14,411 ft. South Washington Cascades
  • Mount Adams 12,276 ft. South Washington Cascades
  • Mount Baker 10,781 ft. North Cascades
  • Glacier Peak 10,520 ft. North Cascades
  • Mount Olympus 7969 ft. Olympic Mountains[3]

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