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Logo of Mountains 7 software.gif.jpg
MountainsMap 7.0 Graphical user interface (microtopography of an artificial leather texture from a car dashboard)
MountainsMap 7.0 Graphical user interface (microtopography of an artificial leather texture from a car dashboard)
Developer(s)Digital Surf
Initial releaseSeptember 1996
Stable release
7.4.8425 [1] / January 25, 2018 (2018-01-25)
Operating systemWindows
TypeScientific Software

Mountains is an image analysis and surface metrology software platform published by the company Digital Surf. Its core is micro-topography, the science of studying surface texture and form in 3D at the microscopic scale. The software is dedicated to profilometers, 3D light microscopes ("MountainsMap"), scanning electron microscopes ("MountainsSEM") and scanning probe microscopes ("MountainsSPIP").

Integration by instrument manufacturers[edit]

The main editor's distribution channel is OEM, through the integration of MountainsMap by most profiler and microscope manufacturers,[2][3] usually under their respective brands; it is sold for instance as:


Data types accepted[edit]

Mountains analyses the following data types:[12]

VOCABULARY : x,y,z refer to space coordinates, t to the time, i to an intensity. "A=f(B") means A is function of B, B referring usually to space coordinates and A to a scalar

  • Profile : z=f(x) and series of the same : z=f(x,t), as issued by stylus 2D profilometers.
  • Parametric profile : (x,z) = f(t), as issued by contouring instruments (allows closed loops and ovehangs)
  • Surface : z=f(x,y) and series of the same : z=f(x,y,t) Also called "topography".
  • Shell : free form surface allowing to describe a complex external shape of a 3D object or a collection of 3D objects
  • True color image : (R,G,B) = f(x,y) and series of the same (R,G,B) = f(x,y,t)
  • Surface-image : The association of a surface and an image (Z,R,G,B) = f(x,y) as issued by 3D optical profilers built from a light microscope
  • Multi-layer images : (i1,i2,...,in) = f(x,y), as issued by multi-channel scanning probe microscopes
  • Force curves, series of force curves and cubes refer to the force spectroscopy in scanning probe microscopy
  • Spectrum, series of spectra, and hyperspectral cubes refer to spectral analysis (as issued by Raman spectroscopy, EDX, cathodoluminescence, hyperspectral instruments)

in Mountains's vocabulary, these data types are referred to as "studiables".

History of versions[edit]

  • Digital Surf launched their first (2D) surface analysis software package in 1990 for MS-DOS ("DigiProfil 1.0"), then their first 3D surface analysis package in 1991 for Macintosh II ("DigiSurface 1.0").
  • Version 1.0 of MountainsMap was launched in September 1996, introducing a change in the name after a move of the editor to Windows from MsDos and Macintosh platforms.
  • Version 5.0 introduced the management of multi-layers images. It was a move to Confocal microscopy (analysis of topography+color as a single object as opposed to separate objects in former versions), and to SPM image analysis (analysis of topography+current, topography+phase, topography+force as a single image).[13]
Mountains 6 - Makalu 2010 event logo
  • Version 6.0[14] completed the specialization of the platform per instrument type.[15] For Version 6.0 the company teamed with a group of alpinists to launch the new version at the summit of the Makalu mountain. A special logo was created for this marketing event. The expedition was successful and Alexia Zuberer, a French and Swiss mountaineer was then the first Swiss woman to reach the summit of the Makalu, Sandrine de Choudens, a French PhD in chemistry being the first French woman to succeed[16][17][18]
  • Version 7.0 was unveiled in September 2012 at the European Microscopy Congress in Manchester, UK. It expanded the list of instruments supported, in particular with new Scanning electron microscope 3D reconstruction software and hyperspectral data analysis (such as Raman and FT-IR hyperspectral cube analysis).[19]
  • Version 7.2 (February 2015) introduces near real-time 3D topography reconstruction for scanning electron microscopes
  • Version 7.3 (January 2016) adds fast colorization of scanning electron microscope images based on object-oriented image segmentation.[20][21]
  • Version 7.4 (January 2017) offers 3D reconstruction from a single SEM image, and enhanced 3D printing [1][22]
  • Version 8.0 is due in Q2 2019[23].

Instruments supported[edit]

Version Instruments supported[24] Specific functions
MountainsMap Profile 2D Profilometers ISO 25178 surface texture parameters
Roughness, Waviness, Contour analysis
MountainsMap Scanning Topography 3D Profilometers based on single point sensors[8]
(stylus contact, chromatic non-contact)
ISO 25178 Surface topography parameters
3D surface topography rendering
Sensor range expansion by vertical patching
MountainsMap Imaging Topography White light interferometers[9]
Confocal Microscopes[7]
Fringe projection profilometers[25]
Management of missing/bad data points
Field expansion by stitching
3D true-color management (topography+color)
MountainsSEM Scanning electron microscopes 3D reconstruction from a stereo pair[26]
3D reconstruction using a 4-quadrant detector
semi-automatic colorization[27]
MountainsSPIP Atomic force microscopes
Scanning tunneling microscopes
Multi-Channel SPM image management
Force curve analysis
MountainsMap HyperSpectral Cathodoluminescence microscopes[28] Hyperspectral analysis


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