Mountains on Fire

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Mountains on Fire
Directed by Karl Hartl
Luis Trenker
Produced by Charles Delac
Marcel Vandal
Written by Luis Trenker (novel)
Karl Hartl
Starring Luis Trenker
Lissy Arna
Luigi Serventi
Claus Clausen
Music by Giuseppe Becce
Cinematography Sepp Allgeier
Albert Benitz
Giovanni Vitrotti
Edited by Karl Hartl
Marc Sorkin
Ernst Fellner
Les Films Marcel Vandal et Charles Delac
Distributed by Globus-Film
Release date
28 September 1931
Running time
109 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Mountains on Fire (German: Berge in Flammen) is a 1931 German war film directed by Karl Hartl and Luis Trenker and starring Trenker, Lissy Arna and Luigi Serventi. The film was based on Luis Trenker's novel of the same title, partly based on his own experiences. Separate French and English-language productions were also made. One of the series of popular Mountain films of the era, it was shot on location in the Dolomites.


Shortly before the First World War, an Italian and an Austrian take part in a mountaineering expedition together. Not long afterwards they find themselves fighting on different sides.[1] The plot also features references to the Mines on the Italian Front (World War I).


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